Papa was out of work for six months in 1976.  He also recuperated from respiratory health challenges during that time.  It is always with a profound sense of grace and blessing when they recount to us the way he was offered a new job, when they needed it most.

But the children never noticed anything, and they continued with swim and art and dance lessons.  Papa played basketball with us, and made washing the car a family affair.  Perhaps it is a sign of his Sebastian demeanor that those are the only distinct memories we have of him during our elementary school years.  Mama, on the other hand rode the tricycle with us to lessons outside the house, was our homework helper, and a ready listener to the day's events as soon as we walked in from school. 

And yet we also remember her constant reminder not to burden Papa with problems and complaints until he has eaten his supper.  Mama trained us well.  As soon as we hear the car beep, one kid opens the gate, another fetches his briefcase out of the car, and another prepares his slippers!

By the time we were in college, Papa, who occasionally drove us to school, heard our story-of-the-day first-hand and actually conversed with us.  A little bit of the Estrella gab had finally rubbed off on him!

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