Thursday, September 18

Today finds us one day before the anniversary weekend, when the celebrating couple will be accompanied by excited granddaughters for some fun (wine and beer tasting!), some feasting (fondue, just to help in the alliteration here), and a Fall Festival.

But Ondoy's brother seems to have struck again.  Typhoon Mario surprised Metro Manila and our house is once again flooded inside.  It was difficult five years ago, when they did not have a second level to escape to.  It is difficult now, because they are many, many miles away from home.

Perhaps the anticipation to the anniversary getaway will wane a bit.  Yet if fifty years has shown us anything, this too shall become a memorable anniversary to them--maybe a good wine will trigger the sights of a Fall Festival; maybe hearing "September in the Rain" will get Mama belting out; better news from my poor brothers saddled with cleaning up mucky muddy remnants of flood will definitely ease their minds.  Eventually, all of these will be part of that special celebration in Virginia, a remembering of challenges and survival and overcoming.

Friday, September 19

I asked if they had any last-minute shopping to prepare for the weekend road trip. 

Mama sent back a text with "Wedding anniversary cake."

Isn't that a sure sign that they're getting into the spirit of things?  Of course it's too late to place a special order cake, not that we didn't.  But we just sighed and sent a text back, telling them that it's too late to get one.  The custom cake (with the gold motif!) from Swiss Bakery will be a surprise.

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  1. I talked to Eve yesterday evening and I could feel the excitement. After fifty years of being married, the wedding jitters is still with her. And I saw her dimples and smiles from her voice, so very like Eve.

    I wish you stay that way, happily married to the man of your life and enjoying wonderful moments with family and friends.

    Let the celebration continue!!!! More wine please!!!! And let the music play their love songs!!!


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