Here comes the bride and groom, twenty-five years later.  All the kids have graduated, the house had been renovated at least once, and it was time to celebrate the many blessings of married bliss.

Mama planned everything in this huge project.  Papa participated...and how!


This decade also re-defined Mama into a jet-setter.  Travel had always been Papa's domain, and one can find evidence of his trips in our collection of Swiss Army knives, miniature swords from Barcelona, and German cow bells.  But in 1984, Mama joined Papa in his business trip to North Carolina. 

It would have been that once-in-a-lifetime vacation for her, except in fewer than ten years, she sent her only daughter to graduate school in Virginia.  As only a Filipino parent can understand, she had to accompany her daughter all the way to her dormitory room.  That's the child that got her visiting the US more times than she had ever imagined.

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