Their adventure continued with a more regular routine at home and annual week-long vacations to quiet spaces near Manila by themselves.  The retiree and the homebody had eventually found a rhythm to their days.  Each found interests to pursue or continue; they made new friends and rediscovered old ones.  They attend and even host each others' high school alumni group meetings.

Five years ago, on their 45th wedding anniversary, they chose to spend time away from gadgets, holed up in a cottage named Fennel, serenaded by an old man and his guitar.  But a few days after returning, Typhoon Ondoy struck and flooded the city, including our house.  Many mementos from years of living in the same place, handmade greeting cards and cassette tapes of favorite songs, plenty of photos and books and autographed playbills--all gone.  The re-building and replacing took longer than a year but with the trademark Filipino resilience, the family survived. 

Not only did they survive but they thrived.  It was time for new things.  So she started a new project, publishing her many short stories and novels.  He learned to sell her published books to his friends.  

Oh yes, he still asks for help finding stuff and she still responds nicely when he does.

And he is still her chauffeur.

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